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The market for low-code and no-code frameworks is already large and, according to experts, will become much larger and more relevant to the global economy in the coming years. Especially since applications based on pro-code quickly become outdated and extremely resource intensive. With brezel you are able to create complex process chains across your custom data objects. Thus, with Brezel, we unify all decentralized isolated applications into one central system.



This feature allows users to easily create custom permissions for their individual modules that match their authorization concept. Users can set permissions for reading, writing, updating, deleting, or accessing the revision history, making it easy to control who can access or modify data in the system. This ensures that sensitive data is protected and that users only have access to the data that they need to do their job. The feature simplifies the process of managing permissions and helps users to maintain control over their data.


Brezel offers a unique solution that can digitalize any business workflow in an easy and visual way. Not only event and actions, but also complex szenarios can be modeled and simulated with this software. This includes API data import and export, SFTP, IMAP, push notifications, email, SMS, PDF creation and many more. The software is easy to use and offers a wide range of features that make it the perfect tool for any business.

Notification Center

The Notification Center feature is a versatile tool that can be used to extend all Brezel applications with personalized notifications, tailored to specific users or user roles. These notifications can be triggered by all custom workflows, for example when you receive an email, and can be viewed in a centralized Notification Center. Additionally, buttons with predefined actions can be included in the notifications, allowing users to take action directly from the notification. Each notification is also sent as a push notification in the PWA, ensuring users never miss important updates or information.

The Many Uses of AI

The artificial intelligence (AI) is used to evaluate the customer's communication by analyzing the customer's voice. It can also extract information from documents such as invoices or offers. In addition, the AI suggests text for products or other information. Finally, it can complete and expand lists such as product names. The OpenAI function can be easily transferred in a workflow. The data is output in a readable form and can then be freely used in the further workflow. In this way, an intelligent function can be created in a very short time, which can facilitate the daily work routine.

History with comments

This feature ensures that every data module and its records have a secure revision history, allowing users to easily track when and by whom changes were made to a record. The revision history provides a transparent view of all changes made to the data, enhancing accountability and aiding in troubleshooting. Additionally, the overview is complemented by a comment function that allows users to leave comments on a specific record, providing additional context or information. This feature is especially useful for collaborative work or when multiple users need to access the same data records.


Integrated file management to store all your documents in the cloud and share them with other users. Scan your documents directly from the web application. With OCR, documents are scanned supported by machine learning, making them usable and filterable for you with our custom processes. Share files with other users or share them with external people without compromising the security of the overall system.


Manage your emails directly, centrally in Brezel. Assign projects and customers to for each User to build up an overview of previous communication. Likewise, you can automatically scan mails for content and assign them to other records. This way, the outdated IMAP protocol is finally used effectively.

Data export and visualization

Export your quotes and invoices as PDF, Word or send them directly via email. With pandoc and the use of HTML there are no limits in terms of layout.

An API for all your custom data

No matter how complex your individual data structure is built. All data can be used via an API. The interface description expands automatically and intelligently with the adjustments you make to the structure of your data.

Progressive Web App

Brezel.io's progressive web app (PWA) adapts to the respective device - and not only in the way it is displayed. By using the browser of the device, PWAs act platform-independently. Due to increasingly comprehensive interfaces in the browser, PWAs can execute processes in the background, send notifications, gain access to the camera, the gyroscope or the GPS coordinates of a mobile device and thus offer functions previously only known from native apps.

Keep your accounts safe with two-factor authentication and webauthn!

Brezel uses Two-factor authentication and webauthn to provide a secure login by verifying the user's identity with a second factor, such as a one-time code from a mobile phone or a biometric reading. This makes it more difficult for hackers to gain access to your account, even if they have your password. The standard is based on the use of public key cryptography, which allows users to authenticate themselves without having to remember or enter a password.

and additionally

  • Time tracking
  • Project management
  • Calendar
  • User roles
  • Website creation
  • Banking interfaces
  • Multi-client capability
  • Multilingualism
  • Master data management
  • Stats and reports
  • Customer management
  • Vacation planning



Professional cloud hosting for the highest security of your data. Data centers in Germany with redundant architecture.


Access your data from anywhere. Whether you are with your customer, on the road or at home. So you always have your company under control.


Our software supports all modern browsers on all operating systems and end devices - whether desktop, tablet or cell phone. The already existing hardware can therefore simply continue to be used.


All created modules are designed to be multilingual from the outset, making it easy to translate language files and quickly create an international application.


Scalability is crucial for the success of a business. A scalable infrastructure allows companies to adapt their workflows and data volumes to their business growth. If a company cannot scale, it can hinder its growth. Therefore, it is important to consider scalability early on.


Our software architecture is built up modularly from the beginning of the project. This means that there is always extensibility is always given - in contrast to classic software.


Based on state of the art web technologies like Vue.js, SASS and HTML5. The core is based on Laravel, the leading PHP framework.

... everything your company needs.


Our software does not fit into a drawer. We offer a customized solution for you. Because every company handles its process in a unique way. Therefore we know that no off-the-shelf software can meet the requirements of a company 100%. the requirements of a company. This is only true if it is developed individually with consideration for all processes of the company.

We build what you need.

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Industrial company

Even as a traditional industrial company modern ways can be enforced. Increase the effectiveness in the area of project planning, sales and controlling by getting insight into your company data from everywhere. Create quotations, invoices and delivery bills at the push of a button and achieve an optimal overview of your incoming scan incoming invoices for an optimal overview of incoming goods and inventory. Through the integration of third-party systems, you can transfer price lists and products from external suppliers. Create automated work cards and document entire production chains in the simplest way possible. Through digital stamping systems, you can keep track of your employees' working hours at all times. Brezel.io offers the customized solution for your company.

Hotel booking software

With Brezel.io you can easily organize your rooms, room occupancy, customers, billing or your employees. Create prices based on the date or as a promotion price in connection with coupons. All incoming requests and bookings are centralized in one place, easily sorted and displayed in a calendar view. calendar view. This allows bookings to be conveniently filtered by room type, booking period or room status. The communication with the customer can be be automated according to your specifications. No matter if hotel, vacation home, apartment agency or hostel - with Brezel.io you manage your accommodation optimally.

Member management

With Brezel.io gyms keep track of their business. How many customers have an active membership, which customers have cancelled their membership? have cancelled? You take care of new customers and your existing customers. Brezel.io manages all memberships and automatically collects the monthly fees via a payment provider. Without the digitalization of processes it will be difficult to keep track and to be be marketable. No matter if single studio or chain - Brezel.io offers the tailor-made solution.

And the best thing is: all this already exists!

Brezel.io is not a classic concept paper, a dream in the far distance or just empty words. Our application already exists and we have already been able to implement many projects. Our goal is to use this technology to launch our own products as SAAS applications, in addition to our custom work.

Would you like to see Brezel in action and are you interested in a customized enterprise solution for your company? Then don't hesitate and contact us.


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